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Recognised since its inception in the 1960’s as a quality brand; Courtelle® is now owned exclusively by Rowlinson, and has been brought bang up to date for this exceptional garment made from 100% Courtelle® acrylic yarn. The consumer recognises this as a premier brand which delivers its promise.

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Internationally recognised in the market for its ability to stand the rigours of day to day wear, Rowlinson Courtelle® is engineered for terrific performance particularly when washed and washed. The 100% Courtelle® yarn achieves everything you would expect of it. Colour and shape retention are excellent and we batch test for shade continuity, resistance to pilling and a whole host of other issues so when you buy it you can be confident that we have got it right.

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  • 1x1 rib main body construction for ease of movement
  • 2 x 2 rib cuffs, and hem and neckline for fit
  • Raglan sleeves for ease and comfort
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