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Rowlinson appoints Co-Directors of People Services in job-share role

We’re pleased to announce that we have appointed two co-Directors of People Services in a job-share role. Nicola Ryan, former Head of People Services at Rowlinson, and Leanne Gainford, former People Development Manager at Rowlinson, take up the newly created role of Joint Director of People Services, the company’s first job share role and a board level appointment. The role is the first appointment to Rowlinson’s new senior management board which will lead the company to achieve its next growth goal.

Joining Rowlinson in 2008 and 2013. Ryan has 15 years’ experience in recruitment/HR, and Gainford over 20 years’ experience in sales, personal development and coaching. In 2017, Ryan was Stockport Business Awards’ Business Person of the Year and shortlisted as IIP People’s Manager of the Year. Ryan will work Monday to Thursday and Gainford from Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, reporting directly to Rowlinson’s Managing Director.

Submitting a joint application for the role, the duo presented a compelling business case for combining their complementary skills as an outstanding “total candidate” responsible for delivering an enhanced service to Rowlinson’s employees, while enabling both women to successfully achieve a fulfilling work-life balance.

The duo said, "We’re thrilled to take on this exciting role at such an important time for Rowlinson. It’s critical that we make all our decisions through the lens of our people, and our joint appointment enables us to continue to develop our high performing culture. We’re very proud to be part of a successful business that supports women to progress into board level appointments.”

Donald Moore, Managing Director at Rowlinson said, “We have a longstanding commitment to put our employees first and believe that flexible working is a commercially sound strategy for recruitment and retention. This crucial job-share role fosters our values-led culture through the exemplary role models Nicola and Leanne are. We’re proud to stand alongside forward-thinking organisations, including The Guardian, Age UK and the BBC, as a beacon for flexible working practices and promoting women into senior leadership roles."
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We’re thrilled to take on this exciting role at such an important time for Rowlinson.

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