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To Test or Not To Test?
Lateral Flow Testing At Work

We are lucky to be able to establish lateral flow testing in our workplace and are very grateful to the superb Stockport Council for providing this for us. In fact, with the help of the Council, we’re the first manufacturing organisation to do this in Stockport.

We’ve been thinking about what a great thing it is to help protect our colleagues and their families, particularly when we’ve all seen the tragedy and trauma that the pandemic has caused. It’s also a clear indication that Stockport Council really cares about the organisations in their community and everyone employed there.

We’re now offering lateral flow testing for our colleague community of 50 people, although some are on flexi or full furlough (and on 90% of their usual pay). We trained four colleagues to carry out up to 35 tests and we will be testing our workforce twice a week. Most of the training is undertaken via an e-learning package, with an additional offer of face-to-face training should you want to access it. This allows a team to run through the testing process from registration to taking a swab and processing with a facilitator on hand. Stockport Council provides all the training and materials, full PPE and a named Sector Support Officer to guide and support throughout. We’ve created a dedicated safe area on our premises to carry out tests and we pay for the safe removal of waste, as well as the time for training and to do the tests. The test result is confirmed within 30 minutes and sent electronically to NHS Track and Trace.

Of course, anyone who has symptoms should not come into work and arrange a test at or call 119. For us, lateral flow testing is part of our comprehensive approach to safeguarding colleagues, helping to identify anyone who might have COVID-19 but is not experiencing symptoms. It’s all about caring and acting for the good of everyone.

We’ve all heard the horror stories of how some bad employers are treating their colleagues, including workers denied take time off work with bosses saying they are short staffed. Far too many businesses are not paying colleagues to self-isolate, who are forced to take much needed annual leave in order to attend COVID-19 testing, or to self-isolate. The pandemic has highlighted the huge contrast between good and bad employers, and the actions of unscrupulous employers has probably contributed to the high number of positive cases.

In our view, if you are a good employer and you have the resources, then you should encourage everyone to take a test and self-isolate on full pay. You should look to establish lateral flow testing, mobile or on site. You should put the safety and health of all your colleagues first, even if that reduces profits. That’s what been a good employer is all about and your colleagues will ultimately improve your business with better customer and colleague retention, higher productivity and better profits. We want to thank Stockport Council for their amazing support to businesses like ours, and also thank all the heroes who are helping us navigate the pandemic.

To learn more about lateral flow testing then contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact your local Council.

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”It’s all about caring and acting for the good of everyone.”

- Donald Moore, Chair

We believe that it is important to adopt a transparent and ethical approach to business.

We do not supply directly to the public or to schools or shops within schools. We support the specialist retailers who stock our products. We only use factories which are fully compliant with all health, safety and child/labour regulations and we care about the products and services that we offer to our customers.

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