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With the help of local energy efficiency business Kast Energy, we’ve installed a photovoltaic solar scheme at our head office. This generates double the electricity that we use each year, saving about 10.8 tons of CO2 and approximately £9000 annually. Our excess electricity goes back into the National Grid, so our overall positive impact and carbon savings will be significant, plus it will support more electric vehicle charging, too.



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Reducing Cardboard Use

carboard boxesBased on customer feedback, we’ve made improvements to the way we package knitwear orders. We now strap boxes together with recycled plastic strapping, instead of placing 2-5 smaller boxes together in large or extra-large cartons. Not only does this help us to be more cost-efficient, we’re doing our bit to reduce cardboard and help the planet.


Of course, this is just the beginning. We have ambitious plans to improve in everything we do, and as a Certified B Corp, our big ambition is to do whatever we can to be a force for good. Sustainability means acting responsibly today for the benefit of people and the planet today, so we don’t squander our future.

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